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The Pring Perspective

Oct 2015 Technology is marvellous

Stephen PringI came across some property details that I produced for a superb property I was marketing in 1991 and I remembered being really proud of them. Indeed, my client even wrote to my Managing Director at that time and commented on how good the brochure was because there was a photograph of the garden as well as the house! How times have changed.

Nowadays, my presentation of the property information is light years ahead – there are literally dozens of photographs, colour and interactive floor plans, aerial photographs, street views and map searches. I have a facility called “space planner” on my website where you can place images of furniture onto the floor plan and visualise how you might actually live in that home in 2D or even 3D! Amazing! There are links to local information on schools and facilities… and all this information is available to you from your own living room, free of charge, at any time of the day or night; you don’t even have to leave your armchair and trudge down the High Street! Technology (and a good camera!) all help to give you as much information and knowledge as possible when looking to move house.

Even so, with everything that is available to you, there’s nothing quite like receiving that phone call about a property which has just come on the market is there? And from a professional point of view, there’s no beating that feeling you get when you see a property, know who it’s PERFECT for because you have taken the time to build a rapport with them and get to know precisely the sort of home they want to live in, and then make that phone call. That leads to a viewing, a negotiated deal, moving home and a new beginning. It is incredibly satisfying – and all because of a phone call.

People – it’s all about people. Matching the right buyer with the right house and doing it enthusiastically and honestly, with empathy and good humour. Technology certainly helps… but it can’t replace that, can it!