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Steps To Success

A positive approach to selling your home

At Pring & Co we understand how much you have invested in your home.
It may well be your biggest financial asset and as such it is important to maximise this to its full effect. In addition you will also have invested your time and energy creating something of great personal value. We see it as a key part of our role to help you achieve your homes full sales potential whilst ensuring that the process of moving on is as stress free as possible.

With over 30 years experience of helping clients to market and sell their properties we believe that a positive, forward thinking approach is the key to success.

A few, well planned steps will guide you in the right direction………


Are you committed to selling or are you just considering your options. An up-to-date market appraisal and valuation may help you decide. We are happy to talk to you about the local market and give you our honest, informed and realistic opinion as to the current market value of your property.


It is difficult but helpful to step back and take a long hard look at your home from a potential buyer’s perspective. There may be a few simple changes that will broaden its appeal and we are happy to advise on ways of maximising your properties potential as part of our market appraisal process. The art of achieving the best possible sale price for a property is based on an honest and enthusiastic collaboration between agent and client, working together towards a common goal.


If you decide to put your property on the market it is important to take time to choose the right firm to represent you. All reputable estate agents will be members of the Ombudsman scheme and will conform to the Estate Agents Act (1979). In addition, as you will be forming a personal relationship with a team of people that could last for a number of months, you should feel confident of being highly valued as a client and trust that your agent will always work in your best interests. A high level of personal attention, excellent local experience and genuine enthusiasm will help ensure a positive outcome.


In a challenging market it is more important than ever that a valuation is realistic and achievable. An experienced agent should provide an honest analysis of current market conditions and be able to tell you the number and type of buyers currently looking in your area. More than anything, once you are committed to selling, it is important that a sale is achieved as quickly and smoothly as possible; finding the right asking price is a key factor in this process.


Once you have appointed an agent they should begin working for you immediately. From day one there is the potential for your property to be marketed in many different ways. A promptly erected For Sale board is one of the best ways to stimulate local interest. Telephone and email can be used to alert potential, suitable buyers as soon as an instruction is received. Once detailed property particulars are approved the internet and local media can be fully and thoughtfully utilised. It is important that you receive honest, constructive and professional feedback from a skilled negotiator. It is the negotiation process that will, above all else, help you achieve the best price from the most suitable buyer and the agent should never forget that YOU are the client and should work in your best interests at all times.


Often the most frustrating part of selling your home is the period between accepting an offer and completing a sale. Your agent has a crucial role to play in ensuring all the relevant paperwork is issued and forwarded promptly to all the parties concerned. It is also a major part of their role to monitor progress of not just your sale but, in the case of a ‘chain’ of sales, to be aware of the situation with all the other buyers and sellers. This is where a skilled agent really comes into their own. Experience, intelligence, sensitivity and communication skills are all essential during this stage, so that any potential problems and pitfalls are quickly highlighted and steps needed to overcome them are taken swiftly and in full knowledge of the facts.


As you move on, you should be able to look back on an experience that will undoubtedly have had it ‘up and downs’, but that will have been made easier by a collaboration with a team of property professionals who put people first.

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