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February 2017I don't want a For Sale board though...

Stephen PringDo you know, it’s surprising how often I hear that said when I am measuring up a property for a new client. When I ask why they don’t want a For Sale board erected, the answer is usually “I don’t want the neighbours to know”. There are two things I’d like to say about that: the first is that I can pretty much guarantee that within 3 days of the property going on the market, the neighbours WILL know. They will see people viewing it and they will see it advertised in the local press. They will almost certainly see it advertised online. Rightmove is one of the most viewed websites in the UK and you may well be amazed at the number of people who have their computer set up so that an alert pops up every time a new property goes on the market in their local area.

The second thing is, you DO want your neighbours to know that you are moving! Why? Because they probably LOVE living where they live and as soon as they see that there is a house in their area that’s new to the market, they will certainly tell all of their friends, family, work colleagues and so on, who in turn will tell all of their friends and family etc. They are often the very best advocates for where you live and you will be astounded at the network of potential buyers that you can tap in to, just by having a For Sale board.

Then comes the next concern… “But I live in a cul de sac – no one will see it”. My first answer to that is “Please refer back to my last statement”!

My second answer is that houses in cul de sacs are often the very places where people do want to live precisely because they ARE quiet and away from through traffic. A For Sale board works for you 24 hours a day and is a constant source of advertising for your property. So when potential buyers are scouting out an area in which to live, they will often drive round the ENTIRE area and that includes driving in and out of the quiet cul de sacs. Imagine the powerful reaction when they see a For Sale board outside your house…
“This is a great place to live – Whoa, that one is for sale”! Cul de sacs and quiet locations are often places where the keen buyers really keep an eye out for.

Another thing that a seller will often say to me, which defies all logic when you think about it, is…
“I don’t want a For Sale board but you can put up a Sold board when you sell it”. Now let me say this; of course we estate agents love a Sold board because it advertises our success, but we love a For Sale board even more because it helps us get the sale in the first place for all the reasons that I have outlined. It is an important tool in our tool box to find the right buyer for your house and get you moved – and surely that’s what we both want.

So don’t be shy; grasp the nettle and when you sell your house, shout out the fact that you are doing so from the roof tops!