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The Pring Perspective

Oct 2009 “Knowing when to jump on… and when to jump off”!

Stephen Pring For my Pring Perspective this time I just have to share this little story with you…

Many of you will remember me from my CJ Hole days. Over many years, as a company, we delighted in sponsoring football, cricket and rugby shirts of many of the local clubs in our towns. The fun and exposure gained by both our company and the local teams was super and everyone benefitted from it. When CJ Hole was taken over, I approached my new Managing Director and he agreed to sponsor the football shirts for the team that my son played for.

Some months went by and I was at a function talking to a previous Managing Director when my new Managing Director made a beeline for us. “I saw you talking to Stephen” he said, “and I had to come over and tell you that he came up with a brilliant idea! We’ve sponsored his son’s football team’s shirts and now we’re expanding the idea throughout the company. In fact, we run an award scheme for excellent new ideas and I’m so pleased with this one that I’m going to announce that Stephen and his office have won it”… and off he went.

I turned to my old boss, going somewhat red…

“Sorry about that” I said, “I’m so embarrassed! I never pretended that it was an earth shattering new idea that no one had ever thought of before. Sponsoring the football kit has been done loads of times - we were sponsoring team strips 10/15 years ago weren’t we”!

“Ah Stephen” said my former Managing Director with a grin on his face, “To this chap it was the first time he’d come across it and saw the benefits of the idea for everyone. There’s nothing new under the sun – things just go in cycles. It’s like a big wheel - the secret is knowing when to jump on the wheel… and when to jump off”!

New ideas… old ideas: there really are only ideas that hit the mark at different times. In the property market, experience is the key - knowing which ideas to employ, and when, and how best to execute them to maximum effect; knowing what to do in different phases of the property cycle to get the best results for your client and that can only be gained through experience over the years. Combine 30 years worth of local experience with the market coverage of the internet, coverage nowadays that even a national network of traditional offices couldn’t achieve, and I really think that’s a winning combination. In fact, I know so and my SOLD boards prove it! Add to that the flexibility that comes by not being bound by “office hours” and the ability to respond when people need you most and it seems to me that is an unbeatable formula.

According to my former Managing Director - “There’s nothing new under the sun” and he’s right… there are however, variations on an idea and in my case, more efficient and effective ones!

Since launching Pring & Co, my journey has been a hugely successful and satisfying one (though selling homes in the area for over 30 years had something to do with that I’m sure!). I really enjoy doing what I do and have no intention of jumping off the wheel… so I keep running round, enjoying the exercise and doing what I love!