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February 2017Should I have a bath or a shower?

Stephen PringI am often asked that question!

Indeed, I was phoned the other day by a past client of mine with the question:

“Hi Stephen. I need a new suite in my bathroom and I’d like to replace my bath with a shower but when the time comes to sell in a few years time, will it devalue my house and should I have another bath fitted instead?”

My reply was by way of recounting quite a sad but pertinent experience that happened several years ago.
I was instructed to market a sizeable 4 bedroom detached house in Nailsea which had the most amazing bathroom; it really was fabulous. The en-suite shower room, by comparison, was very small and well used!
I remarked to the owner of the house, a retired lady who lived on her own, that the bathroom was superb and she proudly said to me;

“It is isn’t it! I had it done 7 years ago. I spent a fortune on it but do you know, I’ve never used the bath or even so much as turned the tap on”. I was amazed. “Really” I said “why is that”? “Well”, the lady said, “when I changed the bathroom suite 7 years ago, everyone told me that because this is a family sized house, the next owners would be a family and would definitely want a bath in the bathroom. I really wanted one of those beautiful walk in showers because I find a bath difficult to get in. My en-suite shower cubicle is very cramped and awkward and I always use that but the bathroom has never been used in 7 years”. Now isn’t that a sad thing.

I sold the house… to a family… with teenage children… and the very first thing that the new owners did was rip out the bath and put a large walk-in shower in its place! The poor retired lady had struggled for years with a cramped shower cubicle when she should have been enjoying the comfort and convenience of a large bespoke shower. If only she had done what she had wanted and needed to do in the first place all those years ago, instead of listening to others.

So, I think the moral of the tale is there for all to see. My advice is please don’t change the house to how you think others will want it to be unless it is how YOU want it to be as well. Unless you are planning to move in the next 12 months, then just go right ahead and make your home exactly how you would like it to be.

After all, your house is YOUR home!